This company is the real deal, within 45 days my score is now in the high 800's. (Carlos, El Paso, TX)

My credit was in the low 400's and look at it now. AACR took care of me, and I truly appreciate it. My score jumped within 2 weeks of them working on it.

(Darold, St. Louis, MO)

I couldn't believe how fast credit my jumped within 30 days. This company is absolutely awesome!

(Jackie, St. Louis, MO)

Within 3 weeks my credit score was boosted by 40 points. They even got two vehicles removed off my report that no other company could remove. (Nina, St. Louis, MO)

Within a 60 day timeframe my credit score was raised enough to be financed for a new car. I'm so excited and appreciative of the service I received with AACR. 

(Danielle, St. Louis, MO)

AACR got my bankruptcy removed from my credit. This caused my credit score to jump up 89 points. I was so amazed I had to give them a 5 star rating and I advised my daughter to sign up for their Credit Repair services. 

(E. Richardson, St. Louis, MO)

AACR, LLC helped me get my credit score to a point where I am able to get the things that I've always wanted. I am so glad I made the decision to have them repair my credit. 

(Jammian, St. Louis, MO)

AACR got 13 items removed off my credit report, and now my credit score has jumped into the 700's. I was nowhere near that prior to signing up with their company. I would recommend AACR to any and everyone I know, that need credit repair services. 

(S. Sulaiman, Houston, TX)

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